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Southampton University, England

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Hi All. My name is Michal. I come from Poland and I worked as a teacher of English language in Krasnoyarsk during September 2016. I finished a university in Poland (BSc in Control Engineering and Robotics), after what I went to England to study for a masters degree at the University of Southampton. I am going to tell you about my experience in England.
Masters courses in England last for only one year and are not for free. As far as I know there are some grants available but I didn’t get one and had to pay the fee. It is worth researching what scholarships and grants may be available for you, and there should be a lot of information about it on the internet.
I consider my decision to study aboad one of the best decisions in my life – something that changed my life really and opened the door to a much bigger and more interesting world. I studied with 60 people and only 2 of them were from UK (United Kingdom). The rest were people from all over the world – Spain, Argentina, Chile, Lebanon, India, China, Iran, France and many other places. The university is a very well maintained, superbly equiped and very student-friendly environment. Apart from daily classes, students also have access to clubs and facilities which allow them to practice any hobby or interest you can imagine – all kind of sports, arts, games etc. Besides studying I was practicing karate, dancing salsa, playing basketball and poker. I even tried skydiving!

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The quality of education is high but in my opinion students have more time and less to learn that those studying in Poland. In England I had less projecs and assignments but it also allowed us to get to know a subject better. In addition, one skill which is invaluable and which everybody develops at a university is communication in English language. This skill alone makes it worth-while going for a year to UK. And don’t worry that you don’t speak well righ now. Spend some time preparing for the exam (IELTS or TOEFL), pass it and go. Most of the new students will speak just like you or worse and you will all improve very quickly.
If you plan to study in UK or any different country – go for it. There is plenty of information online on how to get a place and what to prepare. Read everything.
My final suggestion would be not to do a BSc course and just get your MSc (Masters) degree abroad (unless money is not an issue for you). BSc course lasts for 3 years and hence is 3 times more expensive. After geting an MSc degree your qualifications will be recognised by all employers everywhere in the world.
Also, there are other countries where you can study, which might be less expensive (e.g. Germany o even Czech Republic). Consider all the options and go for it. It will change your life.
Good luck!